One eye opens and closes again

The sonic assault of the alarm permeates my brain

I deflect with the indomitable snooze button

Bikes await

But the fog of sleep is cumbersome

I must fight through the last vestiges of my dreams

Slay one last reverie-beast

Before I can join the waking world

Life is a little more mundane for a moment

The monotony of the morning routine

I almost succumb to looking at others’ journeys

The siren song of Instagram

Instead of setting forth on my own

But bikes await

My patient steed rests by the door

So I break free of the gravity

And escape the evil clutches of mediocrity and voyeurism

Clad in spandex armor

Stars and bolts hold magical powers

My first thought as tires hit street

Wind tendrils finding my hair

Eyes finally alert in the fresh morning air

Is that everyone should feel this alive


Legs pumping

Breathing a little heavy

Heart a little lighter

Adventure calls

And I have slain the slumber dragons

To embark on its quest