I’m back off my BS and had a pretty solid week!

I remembered to harness the power of the mornings and accomplished four morning workouts this week! I didn’t hit my exact plan, but here’s what we’re looking at:

  • Monday: 30 min run, weights AM
  • Tuesday: off
  • Wednesday: 30 min run, weights AM
  • Thursday: 30 min trainer ride AM
  • Friday: 40 min walk
  • Saturday: ~1 hour outdoor ride, 20 min lake swim
  • Sunday: TBD, probably a walk, maybe some weights

Considering what I was up against the last month or two with almost nothing during the weekdays, I will take this any week in 2022!

Want to keep up weeks like this one, not the previous ones…

Trying to reserve weekends for a while to get myself in the lake and outdoor bike rides. I can do brick workouts (since they’re short now!) during the week once I get back to it, this at least gets me out on the roads and in open water once a week.

Speaking of that calendar, notice I have a weight every day! I also found the site I used to track my trendweight and good news, it’s going down!

My trendweight went down 0.9 this week (from 191.8 to 190.9), which is very exciting. It’s also that fantastic time of the month where I’m extra bloaty, so I expect even more progress next week! While I didn’t make MUCH progress in the two months I effed off of tracking, I didn’t backslide.

I have tracked my calories every day for a week as well, and I’m averaging around 1600. Not terrible, I’m certainly not going to gain weight on that intake, but losses will be slow. When I get back from vacation, I’ll try to take that down a little bit, seems like the tipping point to really lose weight is when I can average under 1500/day. Considering my high weight in January was 9 lbs higher than my low weight this week, progress is happening. It’s just time to go quicker!

I am signed up for two races (since the Wurst Tri is still “coming soon”):

And I’m keeping my eye out for more (possibly Marble Falls in late July), I’d just like to nail down my work travel schedule first so I don’t pay 100$ for a race I have to miss.

In other news, we finally cleaned out the pain cave and I got my bike desk set up last weekend. I only got to use it once this week but it’s sooooo nice to not have my laptop balanced precariously on top of my fan anymore. I *could* potentially take a meeting (that I was a secondary participant in) there now, but most likely it will just make watching Bloodbowl games much easier. 🙂

Week 1 down, if I can model them all after this one, I’ll be doing just fine!