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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

I’m back!

So I’ve left everything everywhere but where it is supposed to be today, so there will be no travelog just yet, sorry campers.  I do have some pictures, so I will make you just a *little* jealous today.  Since it’s a short week, I expect that I will not be tackling heavy topics until December rears it’s ugly, cold, wintery, frost-encrusted head.  Ok, so I live in Austin, but it was in the FOURTIES the other night!  That’s practically like the North Pole, right?

Anywhoo – I guess I can spoil the summary on the responsiblish stuff I was trying to do over vacation.

Goal: Not get myself sick on or before vacation.

Outcome: Success!  I did have one day I felt a little icky, but that was lady parts related and nothing that could have been prevented.  So score 1 for me!

Goal: Keep to my normal workout schedule over break.

Outcome: Almost success!  The only unscheduled day I took off was related to such as detailed above, and so not my fault.  Also, took the stairs the entire time (I think over the 5 days I took the elevator 2 times) and we walked all over creation, so that makes up for some of it, right?  Five days the week before and four days the week of vacation isn’t bad, right?

Goal: Eat like a sane human being.

Outcome: Semi-fail.  The first two days I did, the last three I ate whatever the hell I wanted whenever I felt like it.  I figure that if there is any time to let loose and do this, it’s the last 3 days of a vacation with abundant and yummy food.  My body actually somewhat liked it though – feels like there is fuel to burn when I workout instead of just running on fumes.  I cannot wait to be in maintenence mode, where my goal is to stay one weight, and eat as much as possible while doing so.  Good things though.  Unlike the burgers and pizza and fried everything and chocolate melting cake.

Goal: Weigh less than 170 at the end of the vacation.

Outcome: Success!  I won’t tell ya what the scale said the day after, because I had promised myself vacation ended today.  Today I got on the scale and I was 167.6, fully and comfortably in the okie dokie range.  I hope to be back at 165 by next Monday and all signs point to it will be so!

Goal: Not worry about work or life.

Outcome: Total success.  I can barely bring myself to worry about work today, and I’m here, tee hee.  Seriously, I’ve got some stuff to mull over and think about, but there is no use rushing it.  Right now, I think the order is to keep plugging away and keep my eyes and ears open for inspiration and opportunity.

All in all, it was a fantastic vacation.  I needed it badly.  I need to remember that while some people can go years without a real vacation, one that is not going to visit family or to a convention or whatnot, I just don’t work that way.  If I can’t lay out in the sun, read a book, splash in a pool, and just not be required to *think* about anything for at least a few days, it doesn’t count.  And I need one of those a year or I start getting all cranky-like.  Call me spoiled, but it’s required for my sanity.

Hope to be back tomorrow with at least the start of the vacation log and later in the week, pictures of my thanksgiving feast to make everyone scream with jealousy again (it’s not often you get a four star chef to cook the meal at your house for you), and a wrap up on how November’s plan to have no plan went.  Ciao, bellas!


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