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Stream of Conciousness Begins Here (About What Else – Running…)

So I’ve realized that I have been a little hesitant to post here because I’m having issues coming up with *big* *important* *worthy* topics like I want to.  I have a post cooking about willpower.  I have a post cooking about my adventures in breakfast.  I just haven’t had the brain waves needed to put together much of a coherent thought.  I think I’m at the point of training where my brain is being eaten by running, so I just haven’t had much else to share.  So, I’m going to treat this blog as more of a journal for a few weeks – just let loose and get down what’s rattling around in my head.  So here goes!

I just signed up yesterday for the half marathon.  Somehow, it all seems more REAL and by that I mean SCARIER.  Not as if I haven’t been training for it and had it in my sights, but somehow paying that money and putting my name down makes something different.  13.1 miles?  In the Summer?   In San Antonio?  Argh…what was I thinking.  At least I did 9.3 miles in the heat Monday and I survived.

However, I am alreadyinsane and planning to start training in the fall (after a nice long summer break) for one in Austin in Jan or Feb.  I’m thinking one more half and then I might consider a full.  If my body hasn’t completely fallen apart and I haven’t learned to hate running yet, that is.  I thought I’d get really bored and find the long runs tedious, but they’ve been anything but that.  I’ve found that it’s a great balance of time to reflect about things that are going on, and sometimes it’s great to just push myself, clearing my mind, and only concentrate on the act of moving my body forward with all effort I can gather.

Since I’m about 3.5 weeks out, I’m already putting together the plan over the summer for workouts after the race.  I don’t want to quit running altogether, but I’m thinking like 2 runs a week, one short and fast and one medium, and maybe a long run once a month so I don’t completely lose my ability to go far.  I want to up the weight training.  Also – a surprise which will be the main part of the July “experiment”.  I swear, the anticipation of doing something new is sometimes better than actually doing it.

Cuz now, I’m counting down the days.  15.5 more workouts until the race and I’m done running crazy for a while.  2 more long runs, 2 more cross training sessions, 4.5 more 5 mile runs + weights (weights tonight, ran this morning), 2 more tempo runs, 2 more track intervals, and 2 shorter runs (4 miles and 2 miles) the week of the race to taper.  Putting it like that, I just want to start running NOW and keep going so I can check more off the list, but I have also really learned the importance of rest and not overdoing it.

Well, apparently it was all racing on the brain.  Next time, I’m going to talk about something other than running!


Half Marathon Training, Between Week 8 and 9


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  1. No matter how much I read about running, I still don’t “get it” but maybe that’s just me. Good for you for signing up for the race!
    P.S. TOTALLY loving all the gamer stuff… fiance is a HUGE gamer 🙂

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