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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Things on my head, things in my head…

Things In My Head:

So normally every Monday I post this mathematically anal and precise summary of what I did last week and what I am going to do this week.  There are calories in, and calories out.  To be honest, Friday it started to drive me crazy.  I’m not making the progress I want anyway.  4 day workout weeks were interesting, but just not working for me as well as they used to.  I’m still hanging out in that silly little 153-155 (ignoring the scale today because it is mean and way outside the norm) range I can’t shake, no matter how much the numbers say I should be moseying away from it.

So I’m going to, for at least this week, do it a little more organically.  I am going to eat (mindfully) what I goddamn feel like, and focus on what my body is trying to tell me it needs.  Focus on good whole foods and fruits and veggies and good proteins and fats and the like.  I took the entire weekend off working out (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) minus walking pretty close to 1000 miles shopping (ok, so maybe only about 8 or so but still).  When your friend asks for his birthday present to relax and not workout, you oblige.  I am adopting a workout plan for this week, but only because I am racing (just a little local unofficial one) on Saturday morning.

Today: 5k easy run, weights

Tues: 5k for pace (26 minutes plzplz?) and yoga

Wednesday: DDR and weights

Thursday: 5k run with timed mile #2 (7:10 plzplz?) and yoga

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Race!

Still a pretty kick ass week, but spread out a little more, and no long run.  Will resume distance next week because I really enjoy that long run, but this week it’s all about trying to prep for a PR!

Still things in my head:

So we’re in a all wedding, all the time stage of the game here at La Tete de Quix, considering in 2 weeks and 4 days I’ll be on a plane to Vegas.  We are making huge strides in finalizing everything, but I still have these main things to deal with:

  • The reception details.  The coordinator is just impossible to get ahold of and we have a lot of questions.   I think it will be a pretty quick phone call because we have all the main stuff dealt with, but I feel a little ill at ease not having some of the stuff like decorations, dance floor, audio setup, and cake stuff dealt with.
  • Final touches on my ensemble.  I need to finish figuring out my makeup and do some more trial runs.  The first run I loved at first but then realized it was a little too dark for a day tropical wedding.  Also, I’ve been researching how to get my hair to do what I want (beachy waves, mostly down, maybe some braids, flowers, etc).  My maid of honor was going to do my hair and makeup, but she said she was nervous about getting it right, so I’m looking into doing it myself, or at least knowing EXACTLY what I want so I can enlist help getting the curling iron around the back of my head and such.   Also, still kinda want some sort of tropical flower brooch possibly to go on the front of the dress.   I think though… that’s it!
  • Reception timeline and playlist.  We’re not going with a DJ or band – we’re bringing the mp3 player loaded with a playlist and getting a friend to sorta be “master of ceremonies”.  So that being that, we need to spend a bunch of time downloading songs and figuring out what of the traditional things we want to do and when.

Geez, I think that’s about it.  After all the things still outstanding last week, I feel much better about everything.

Finally, things ON my head:

So after doing a bunch of hair research (did I really just say hair research?  heh) I found a freaking awesome little tool on the In Style site.  Seriously, make sure you have an hour or two to waste and give it a click.  Some highlights:

This one is actually one of my favorites.  I don’t necessarily want this cut for the wedding, but it’s pretty close to that “I’ll have this look someday” picture in my head with the dark hair with red highlights, bangs, and a little longer than shoulder length.  I’ll have to make sure that this one doesn’t make me look horrid if I do my normal bedhead hairdo (which, perhaps, if I looked that nice with some effort, might happen less often but let’s be honest, priority #1 in the morning is my workout, not the curling iron), but I might go for it later this year.  The nice thing about hair – it grows back (and mine grows fast).

Ok, enough of that, onto wedding ideas…

Here are some of the styles that are just about almost right.  The far left has braids like I was playing with, but I think I want a little more of my hair up.  Middle – I can ALMOST get my hair to do that, but I can’t quite get the volume and it just doesn’t look as nice.  That one would be fun too because I could probably get away with an extra flower in back.  Also, if this could be my natural color, I might possibly give my left arm.  Right, I like the waves at the bottom better than the one before it, but I like the top part of the other one better. Bottom – I like the curls but it needs something else to it.

I went ahead and tried their makeup generator too, and it left me looking about 10 years older.  Do please ignore that part of it, but I think the flower will work.  I wanted them all over my hair but I think that more than one flower/clump will be overkill.  I think I want more of a “half up” type style more than what’s going on here, but I like the wispy, fresh from the beach style that’s there.  For some reason, this picture screams glamour shots.  Remember those?  I never got them but I was always jealous of the girls who did…

Anywhoo, here’s more fun!  Man, I wish I could be as cute as Zooey in her do (fourth), but I’m actually amazed I can pull of Charlize’s (third) as well as am there.   Enjoy, but don’t tell your bosses where you got the idea.  In fact, don’t tell mine.   Have a great Monday – how’s your hair today?  Should I go for that first cut?  How’s your hair?  What would you do with it if you could just have a stylist appear?


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  1. Good for you with the intuitive eating! Esp. with your wedding coming up – you don’t need all that calorie counting stress. And I think you would look fab with bangs!!

  2. zliten

    super creepy hair pictures of doom

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