Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain


Instead of a weekly recap this week, since I’m sorta resting and relaxing, I figured I’d do the “end of the year” thing and put up some of my favorite posts and/or posts about my favorite adventures.

One of my resolutions last year (and every year for the last 5 years is to have at least one super memorable experience per month.  Here is where I make good on that!  Considering I have the memory of a goldfish, it’s a good thing I blog about them!  Below are some of my favorite moments and/or blog posts this year…


I realized I shared a dress size with Mariska Hargitay, and that gave me huge confidence.

I shared my wisdom with some non-obvious half marathon tips.

I offend everyone’s fashion senses.

I share my story over the last 3 years.


I ran a half marathon sick as hell.

Our lizard escapes death by a narrow margin.


We did the Urban Dare race for my birthday.

Then we did a different type of half marathon.


We did our first duathlon and rocked it.

I decided to change focus for the rest of the year from a marathon to a triathlon.


We conquered the warrior dash (#1).

Just had way too much fun to regularly post with lots of out-and-about going on.

Kicked ass and took names by getting PRs in the Gladiator Games.

This month, Zliten and I both chopped our hairs, just in time for summer.


I got my official promotion to Producer and Zliten got his offer to move over to our company with a real person salary again.

Amy’s bachelorette party was pretty super fun!


Amy and Jeff’s wedding was an awesome time and I even did a kegstand.

Had an epiphany about a different path my life could have taken.


I kicked nature’s ass with an open water swim.

I became a triathlete at the Sweet and Twisted Tri.


I wore my vinyl shorts out of the house for the yelp elite glitterati party, and also got my mug in a (video game) magazine.

We went to Vegas to celebrate our friend’s birthday and our anniversary.

I ran in costume at the Casa Superhero Run.

I dove off the side of a boat into 100 ft deep water.


I became an Olympic triathlete.


I rocked the second half marathon and got a PR by 8 minutes.

Supergirl came out again and rocked the second warrior dash.

Finished up the 11th race of the year (Turkey Trot) and reflected on them.

I forgot to blog about it, but I got published again in a different magazine.


Reflected on my resolutions.

Went to a snuggie party!

…and vacation is just getting started.  The magic hat is making it’s appearance again this week – looking forward to a week’s worth of adventures!  No half training this year, so the world is our oyster!

As for exercise, weight loss, and the like – that sort of serious business stuff will have to wait for after the new year.  Rock climbing, skating, and trapeze classes are more my style this week.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday (I don’t count it as ending until I go back to work on the 3rd), and the rest of your 2010 is awesometastic!  I’ll be back with resolutions later this week.

Asking the audience: what is the most memorable thing you’ve done this year?


Vacation, All I Ever Wanted


You Say You Want A Resolution…

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  1. Hi!!! I just came upon your blog! Looks like you have had a great and memorable year! I wish you all the best in 2011!

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