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Vacation Log: Week 1

Friday, December 17th:

Work was a totally short day, because we spent the afternoon at the movies.  They took us to the Alamo for lunch, a few glasses of wine, and also double feature of Tron (the old one, and then the new one).  It was a good thing the theatre was LITERALLY right across the parking lot, so we were able to snag a workout even though motivation was at an all time low – we did 30 mins of arc sprints and strength training for leggies.  Then, we headed home and had some dinner and drinks with friends and made use of our firepit.

Saturday, December 18th:

Woke up a little worse for wear but not too bad.  We grabbed lunch, and went shopping.  We got our own big xmas presents after – new phones – Mytouch 4gs. He sorta didn’t tell me where we were going, and when we got there, we went into the store and I figured we were just looking around or picking up a spare case or charger or something (Zliten loves to gawk and play at the phone store so it was pretty normal).  He took me over to the phones, and said “black, white, red, or purple” and asked the clerk to get a white one for him.  After a little hemming and hawing I picked black and we went on our merry way and I loves it.  After a littler relaxing, we got some nummy italian dinner with friends and enjoyed some early sleep.  Here is me mid choke at dinner.  Of course Zliten doesn’t help me, but takes a picture.  That’s luv.

Sunday, December 19th:

Lazed around in the morning before getting out to do a nice long 20 mile bike ride (I missed you bikey bike!!!), then hopped a bus downtown and attended a snuggie party, then barhopped a little finding a new cool place called bar 96 and played an epic game of battleship, then kept our local bar open a little late and ended up meeting some new cool friends.

Monday, December 20th:

Spent the morning recovering a bit – mostly watched tv, discovered that if I sat around at home all day I’d probably eat myself gigantic.  Seriously, I do not know how you stay at home people do it.  The kitchen being in such close proximity would kill me.  In the afternoon did a little xmas shopping and wrapping, and went to bed way early. Just an uneventful, relaxing day and I loved it.

Tuesday, December 21st:

I woke up and watched TV for a bit, biked 11 miles in the awesome 70 degree weather, met Zliten for lunch at Trudy’s (yuuum).  It’s a great tex mex restaurant, and during the day they now have a lunch special – 9 dollar buffet, and you can special order any type of taco.  Serious danger.  After that, I finished xmas shopping, vegged a bit more, hit the gym with Zliten for weights after he got home from work, made an epic crab boil dinner, and just kinda vegged in prep for a nice long run outside to enjoy the weather tomorrow.  Another pretty chill day.

Wednesday, December 22nd:

Again with the slow starts, I bummed around the house all day, did laundry, prepped dinner, then FINALLY got to runnin’ at 4:30.  I ran the first 6.5 outside and then took the last 3.5 on the treadmill.  And then did leg strength exercises with Zliten after.  Not smart.  I just sort of died that evening, but did have a delicious shepards pie and salad on my way to oblivion.

Thursday, December 23rd:

I woke up with my ankle KILLING ME, so I vegged on the couch and limped around and made leftovers for lunch and just waited for Zliten to get home!!!  I was totally bored finally and realized… as much as I wanted some time off to do nothing, it had a short shelf life for me.  Without my Zliten, without vacation, without something to do… I was over it pretty quick.  Later, we went to meet friends at a bar for dinner and drinks, and made good friends with a bottle of wine and we had a fire outside…

Friday, December 24th:

Once we got up – our xmas eve present opening extravaganza started. We were kinda hungover so not so much boozin’, though we had a few traditional xmas absinthes.  So many awesome presents and good fun times.  Here are some of the highlights…

What’s in the box?

Lotsa presents!

Superbowl shirt!

We had so much fun out at the bar that Sunday playing Battleship, we both got it for each other!

Putting my best side forward.

Saturday, December 25th:

It was xmas with the parents! Yummy greek salad, homemade lasagna, garlic bread, and ridiculous amounts of sweets, plus an awesome day of cards and dominos.

….and the rest will have to wait for next week.  Stay tuned for part 2 where I discuss flying, climbing, rolling, and ringing…


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