Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Week 1: [Subtitle Redacted]

…due to the fact I cannot stop being Judgey Mc Judgerpants about what the scale is saying and I promised I would for a month.  So let’s just call it… week 1.

There are many reasons why the evil number that shall not be named transpired this week.  First, the outside of the locus of my control – I am just coming off TOM, which usually takes a while to actually leave bloat-wise.  Second, under my control but should not be permanently affecting me – I had beer this weekend which also bloats, and (a small portion well within my calorie range) salty Indian food late.  Thirdly, the reasons I could have controlled – like ODing on trail mix because I didn’t eat enough earlier in the day and I was drunk and it was there.

I’ll post a loss because I weighed in less last Thursday, but it almost doesn’t feel right.  I don’t feel like it’s a loss.

However, it’s not all grey days and doldrums.  I had some really good days last week – during the week, I ate about 1440 per day, and I don’t imagine my weekend was *that* horrible.  Maaaaaybe 2500 calories on the outside (and I burned at least 1000 racing that day) on Saturday and 1700 on sunday.  Which would net me just a little over 1600 per day.  I knew the first week would be a little tricky, but I think I’m set up for a pretty good week.  So far this week I’m staying pretty close to 1300 without much hunger, just by eating pretty low cal and nutritious foods.

Also?  Um, I’m freaking rocking the bike lately.  15.1 mph outside AFTER a hard run in the hot sun.  16+ on my hour long rides.  18+ today on the time trial.  This is the thing that I very much want and need to get better at to rock the tris this year, and I am making progress.

The goal?  This weekend, it’s to make it through the weekend without a huge spike.  And really make good on that under 1500 goal I had last week.  I’m starting to remember that feeling, that drive I used to have.  It sounds cheesy, but the point where you realize that the instant gratification of the food is not worth looking at pictures from two years ago and thinking damn, I wish I looked like that again (hello, wayward bachelorette party pics showing up on facebook and being VERY QUICKLY untagged).  Or – that is to say – nothing tastes as good as thin feels.  I’ve spent the last two years focused on non-scale victories.  Dammit, it’s time for some scale victories!

2 years ago above, last weekend below…

One of these things are not like the other.  Let’s get this show on the road, my friends.

Last Week’s Workouts:

Monday: 5.5 mile walk (beautiful weather + exhaustion = mellow but long sunset hike)
Tuesday: cadence intervals on the bike – 60 mins, 16.16 mph overall
Wednesday: fast 5k – 9:07 pace, 600 yd swim (+ showing Zliten the basics of freestyle)
Thursday: off
Friday: 50 mins biking, resistance and speed intervals, 16.1 mph, stretching
Saturday: Du Loop – 29:14 for 3.24 miles ran (9:01 pace), 31:38 for 8 miles biked (15.1 mph), 8:32 for .77 miles ran (11:02 pace)
Sunday: off

This Week’s Plan:

Monday: off (just needed an extra day – body mind and soul agreed!)
Tuesday: 11 mile bike time trial (18.2 mph – or 36:15) and 20 min easy IM swim (750 meters)
Wednesday: outside run (easy, or as easy as I go – somewhere between 3-5 miles depending on time)
Thursday: tri bike workout
Friday: swim workout
Saturday: open water swim at Decker lake, practice transitions, run course at decker, drive bike course
Sunday: off

Starting Weight: 174.2
Last Week: 174.2
This Week: 172.4 (-1.8 week/-1.8 overall)

I totally don’t feel like it really counts until I’m under 170 again, but I’ll take it, because I promised to be the opposite of Judgey McJudgerpants.  Hey, that would have been a great subtitle for the week…


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