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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

10-4 Good Buddy

Today is the second anniversary of my marriage to this guy (which means we’ve been together for about 12 and known each other for like, 16, I’m we’re just slow):

When I was 20, he got me (re) hooked on video games and we thought, hmmm, maybe we can make something out of this.  Now it’s our bread and butter and we’ve been making games (mostly together) for over 10 years, and have definitely built a life around it with most of our friends being in the industry, so we can be unabashedly geeky together!  I can certainly say that I would have never thought of this on my own.  I always knew I wanted to entertain people, but didn’t know exactly HOW I wanted to do it.  Good call on the careers, Zliten!

When I was 30, I got hooked on a little thing called RUNNING.  While Zliten still isn’t a huge fan of the run, I did get him hooked on TRIATHLONS.  So much that we decided on a crazy race goal before 40.   I’m sure you can probably guess what it is, and potentially why all of a sudden I decided on a 2012 marathon.  Good call on the hobby, me!

Two years ago, we got hitched in Vegas in a tiki hut.  While I ended up stressing the details at the end, Zliten came up with the theme and ended up securing the venue.  Even though the lady made it VERY clear she would PREFER TO BE SPEAKING WITH THE BRIDE KTHX.  It was the best day ever.  Good call on the wedding, Zliten!

While we definitely have bad decision nights….

…we’ve gotten all the major ones right.  Most importantly, to spend the rest of our lives together.  Cheers to another year of good (and bad) decisions, my love, my bestest friend and my adventure buddy!


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  1. Zliten

    Awe! I love you too!

    How about a little song

  2. and I love your love.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I remember your wedding like it was yesterday… 2 years, wow! Good luck with the 40 before 40 tris (that’s what it is right?!)

  4. Ah – happy anniversary!! How sweet!

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