Tomorrow will be one month into #projectspring and I wanted to do a quick progress check.  I have quite a few goals, and I want to get through as many of them as I can.

House projectsslow start.  We cleaned out the workout room, but have not yet made the purchases to set it up as the pain cave.  We’ve talked about kitchen and deck remodels and looked at sheds at Lowe’s but haven’t done much else.  This weekend, we’ve got plans to tackle either the office or the vanity area, so we can cross that off the list next check in at least!


After actually unclipping the right way and not falling down, I took pictures to celebrate the momentous occasion!

Becoming a biker chickslow start, but picking up.  I rode my bike (with the clips) twice last week and more importantly, I spent 10-15 mins in the backyard with Zliten holding me up practicing the “unclipping one leg and resting on it without unclipping the other” move.  Proudly, I did that once, very slowly, with no traffic around, on the ride on Saturday.  I plan to ride (if just around the block a few times) a few times this week and continue to practice, and ride this week at the Pflug if I can find a non-stormy window of time.

Energy and enthusiasm backcheck.  While I’m not waking up before my alarm (most of the time), I’m not dragging myself out of bed (most of the time) either.  I feel like a different person – a peppier and happier person.  I’m back to making plans and being excited to follow through on them instead of dreading them.  I’m spending as much time as humanly possible outside and loving it.


This is both a happy face and a smaller face.

#projectraceweightcheck on the following the plan, sort of check on the body deciding to cooperate.  Besides the two camping weekends where I did my best to be REASONABLE and get a lot of activity, I’ve followed the tracking as close to -1000 calories per day plan for a month now.  I’m definitely looking better, I’m definitely feeling better, but the scale isn’t really budging (much) yet.  It’s ok.  I’m following what has worked for me in the past and I’m seeing some progress and I’m being patient.  On Friday the 15th I take one month progress pics and I’m pretty sure I’ll see a difference.

The exercise part of #projectraceweightsorta check, sorta not.  10k steps per day, I’ve nailed it.  Yesterday was the first day in 3 weeks I didn’t, because my uterus decided it wanted to wage nuclear warfare on me with the worst cramps I’ve had in many, many years (TMI maybe but… OW).  6 303 muscle relaxers (throughout the day) and 3 aleve pills (all at once) barely fought it back to the stage before *crying on the floor in the fetal position*.   I have not yet resumed weights and I still feel like I need a little more time to heal my body (and brain) before I get into high intensity short intervals.  But, I have swam in the lake, ridden my bike, and ran at least a few times with some level of intensity so not all is lost.

Doing something with this sitesomewhere between in progress and check. It is so, so, so, so much better than it was before.  I still have a small list of things I’d like to do… (edits as I do them…)

  • Widget for mail subscription – researching…
  • Widget/form for contacting meDONE
  • Widget for related posts – DONE!  I had to retag all the posts, but I decided to only go back a few years.  But that’s fine.
  • Update the content of all my pages – DONE!
  • About me widgetDONE!
  • Take more picture for the roating header image that are the appropriate size (apparently, I’m a vertical picture taker, not horizontal!) – ongoing, as I go do cool shit I’ll get more pics.
  • Decide if I want to do something with the fairly plain Adjusted Reality header (image background? color? just leave it as is because it’s clean an uncluttered?) – inclined to leave it alone after consideration.  I’m not an artist and I tend to clutter stuff up I shouldn’t. 🙂
  • Decide on a tagline.  Do I like the created-on-a-whim “becoming more awesome one day at a time” or is that silly? – DONE! found one!  I may change these as my fancy strikes, but I’m happy with it for now.

…but if my site didn’t change at all for a while, I’d still be pretty happy with what I’ve done so far.  Any opinions or things that look weird, or things you like to see on a website, hit me up in the comments!

Finish processing the Bonaire picscheck.  Can we go again, like, now?


If you want to check out my public album, it’s HERE.

Camping tripscheck.  We’ve gone twice.  I’ve definitely got the bug.  I think we’ll have to skip May’s trip due to other commitments but we’re already talking about where to go the first weekend in June!  This has definitely reminded me how awesome being outside is and how I don’t have to be triathlon training to enjoy it.

Water timecheck.  I’ve been in (swimming) or on (paddleboarding, fishing, etc) quite a bit this month and it will only get more and more prevalent as the temperatures rise.  This week it’s warmer (yay) but also stormy (boo), so we’ll see how it goes.  Also, I am counting the days (46) to the water park opening!

Doing Thangskinda check and more this month.  While I don’t feel like I’ve been boring, I haven’t really fulfilled the spirit of this particular thing.  The next 3 weeks we can’t escape town and go camping or anything, so we’ve got more of these types of plans.  This week, we have a comedy show and Saturday night dance lessons + social dancing on tap!  In 2 weeks, we have a festival in Temple, TX to go to.  I don’t know what’s between then, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

Crafty and creative in my spare timenot yet.  Maybe once it becomes a little less awesome to be outdoors every moment.


Beautiful weather trumps crafts.  Sorry.  Always has, always will.

Here are five goals for things I would like to accomplish in the next month that I probably will ignore if I don’t specify:

  • Incorporate weights at least 2xweek.  If that’s all I add in April to my general activity, that’s fine.
  • Have what we want pretty well documented and get at least one estimate for the kitchen and/or patio remodel.
  • Ride my bike with the clips 3xweek.  If nothing else, around the block a few times.  Spend some time practicing clipping and unclipping like a rockstar each time instead of a scaredy biker.
  • Bike commute to work at least once a week.
  • Finish up the work on my website so I can cross this one off the list (either do all the things on my list or decide I can live without them).

Cheers to a great first 28 days of #projectspring, and an even better next 28!

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