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Random Recipes: Hot Dogs and Brocolli Salad

So, in your quest to eat healthy – some days you want something fast, easy, and something that tastes a little sinful, while of course still being low in calories and fat.  This fits the bill – two yummy hot dogs (spark up the grill if you can, if not, you can cook them on a pan or on a foreman grill – microwaving or boiling NOT recommended) with loads of toppings, and a creamy, cheesy broccoli salad.

Looks way too good to fit into a reduced calorie plan, right?  Comepletely wrong.  The whole plate there has approximately 400 calories, you just have to follow my directions pretty carefully or you’ll end up busting your waistline or with tasteless, icky food.

Hot dogs:

You gotta get ones that are low fat, but not fat free.  The name escapes me right now of the kind I always get, but the closest calorie equivalent is Healthy Choice, which I believe are a-ok too.  Fat free hot dogs taste like butt.  If I could get my weiner on for 40 calories I totally would, but it just doesn’t work.  The ones I get are around 70, and I believe low fat ball parks and other brands are closer to 90-100.  To contrast, the delicious full-fat jumbo size hebrew national ones we used to get were 350.  Each.  But oy, they were so good!

As for buns, I recommend whitewheat ones.  Hot dogs just don’t taste the same to me on on wheat buns, and these are fortified with 25% of your day’s iron, something I usually don’t get enough of anyway.  You can dress them anyway you want, but let me recommend ketchup, mustard, dill relish, diced onions, and diced jalapenos.

So about an hour before you put the dogs on, you should have started your broccoli salad.  Take one small package of frozen broccoli (chopped), nuke it until it’s warm and mostly unfrozen.  Then, take about 1/3 of a package of low fat (or neufachnel) cream cheese, and nuke for another 2 minutes or so.  Mix that together until it’s a creamy, goopy, yummy mess.  Add about half to 2/3 of a small can of olives, half a cup of diced onions, pepper and garlic powder to taste, and (optional) crumble 4 strips of bacon.  Chill in the refrigerator until cold (it’s better that way), and before serving, mix in 1/4 cup of shredded cheese (I added blue cheese this time instead and it came out awesome).  If you do not add the bacon, let me suggest drizzling bbq sauce over the top.  Makes about 4 servings which are about 100 calories each.

Sure, it’s not the most nutritionally dense meal ever.  But, if you’re anything like me, some days it’s about the lesser of two evils.  This fills the void for those days we used to bbq those 350 calorie dogs, regular buns, and a side of potato salad.  I can imagine that this would be a good meal for kids, and get some nutrients and veggies in them even if they’re picky eaters.  Enjoy!


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  1. Zliten

    plz can I have another?

  2. Look at you!! So that’s how you stay so thin! I wish I had your determination! BTW, got you added to my blog roll, yippee!!

  3. Yay, you made it! I’ll put you up there too, now gotta figure out what to file you under besides blog of awesomeness…

  4. Divinari

    I miss hot doggies. I’ll have to do some research and see if there are any that are safe for me. And safe buns. Or try to make some…

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