This week is a short week for me, as we decided a while ago that a mini-vacation was needed.  We were going to wait until we heard about Zliten’s employment prospects, but a rumor of a vacation black out period at work made me decide to just go sooner than later.  We had considered cruises, mexico, and other destinations, as well as just staying in town at a nice hotel or even just at home.  We compromised and decided to hit New Orleans.  It’s an 8 hour drive, it’s somewhere we’ve always wanted to check out, and we got a KILLER deal on a fancy hotel (warning – the site has sound).  Apparently we heard from a native it is probably one of the nicest there, period.

It has been brought to my attention again that I am just so NOT spontaneous.  We spent three days of comparing reviews and pro- and con- weighing before we booked the damn hotel.  I have begun to make a list of restaurants and bars we need to hit and what has specials and when.  I want to try a shrimp po boy, a muffaletta, a hand grenade, an original hurricane, eat at Emeril’s restaurant, beignets, and more.  Mostly, Zliten and I just want to have a nice, relaxing vacation where it’s just us, and we have a few days just to lounge by the pool, explore a new town, party it up a bit, and don’t have anyone we have to meet or anything we have to do at any time.  If we decide to go out at 2am and sleep until 5pm, we can do it.

My vacation strategy is: eat small and often.  If I want to try something, get the smallest size they have and/or split it.  I can always pop in somewhere if I get hungry later and try something else that’s on the list.  I plan to bring my workout/running gear because the hotel has a killer looking gym but also am ok with life if all the exercise is swimming and walking.  I know that I’ll be back to it Monday as normal no matter what!

Now… to get through the last few hours of work today, get one more run in (did you see all that fried goodness and sugary drinks?  I must pro-actively repent, tee hee), get packed, and get my ass up for a 5am departure!  Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you crazy cats on Monday!