Different than the usual.  I like to be contrary.

So last week, I found an edge.  A corner in the grid.  I didn’t go beyond it, but I certainly found that I found my limit of comfortable-ness.  Between the early mornings 4 out of 5 workdays, the 10 hour days, the increased social stuff, and other obligations, I endeavored to fit in my calorie burn into my week and did it with my mental and physical health in tact.  But at times – barely.  I knew I was working out a little more than I should, but I also had to compensate for a bit more indulginations (because the alternative of drinking water at the bar for the game dev meetup and picking at a plate of whole wheat pasta -blech- on my Dad’s b-day didn’t sound like fun).  So I burned approximately 3200 calories working out 6 days last week.

The 6 days was not inherently the issue – but the time commitment was.  Each day was at least an hour if not way more.  I found a lot of comfortable success last week with 400-500 calories burnt most days (and eating about 1600-1700) so that’s what I’m aiming for this week.  A lot of my week is unknown right now.  Will I be working 10 hour days and getting catered lunches?  Will I have to work this weekend?  Will it rain or be nice?  What’s the social haps?  It’s all up in the air.  And we ALL know how much I love not having a plan.

So this week, I’m trying to keep it a little more chill if possible.  I’m figuring on Wednesday trivia, and trying to keep the party time calendar open for weekend reveling.  I have been told by Zliten I WILL be doing about 4 hours of yardwork outside over the weekend, so that TOTALLY counts as a workout, right?

Monday: 3.5 mile run, abs (500)

Tuesday: 30 mins arc trainer, arms and legs (500)

Wednesday: 3.5 mile run, abs (500)

Thursday: off

Friday: 10k run, abs (800)

Saturday: yard work (it is what it is – should be pretty significant)

Sunday: 30 mins DDR, arms and legs (or other fun exercise) (400)

…or something like this.  The end of the week will be very fluid depending on what work looks like, what weather looks like, what fun we get up to, and so on.  However, I’ve got my mojo back.  I feel like if I’ve navigated my way through these last 2 hellish weeks, I can figure it out.  The key seems to be burning about 2500-3000 calories over the week, in fairly low intensity segments (for me – remember I though my sprints days were easypants back in January) 6 days per week.  In other words, burning it (workouts) as I earn it (eating).

Will it keep working?  I dunno.  I sure hope so!  I’m certainly excited to be within 5 lbs of my acceptable weight range starting out this week and hope to just get another good solid week under my belt.  Another 1.8 lbs would be nice too!

What do you endeavor to accomplish this week?