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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

This is…

…what personal bests look like:

The little free 5k this weekend?  The one we *almost* ditched because we didn’t feel like it?  Because neither  of us had trained for it (we had both run ONCE in the last 2 weeks)?

Both significant personal bests.  25:10 for me (which beats my PB ever by about 1 minute, my race PB by 1:21), and 32:16 for Zliten, which is at least a few minutes better than he’s ever done.  It was just the right morning, the right course, and I am so very glad we decided to go!  I felt like I was bookin’ it, but since I rolled sans garmin (or timing watch even) and there were no mile markers, I had no clue.  I think that might have even helped.  Just kept going as fast as I could and keeping green tank top girl in my sights.  I even kicked hard and passed her at the end!

The obstacle course part?  Kinda fail.  I finished the 5k, cheered Zliten across the finish line, and then walked up and found out my wave was starting THEN.  I was already totally wasted from the run but I gave it my all.  I rocked the sprint, the army crawl, even the rope wall, but I just didn’t have the hand strength to get across the longest set of monkey bars ever.  I’m a little pissed about that.  I LOVED me some monkey bars as a kid.   I knew my time wouldn’t “count”, but I continued through the rest of the 10 and finished in about 6 minutes.  Suck!  Oh well, I was so pumped about earlier I just didn’t care too much.

The price I paid for a personal best?  I really aggravated my heel again (boo).   I think it’s a no run week again, I’m going to really work on stretching it (I’m starting to think it’s a muscle thing, not a bruis-y thing), icing it, and look into getting some new shoes, maybe even from a for-real running store that analyzes my gait.  I would like to have healthy feet again that don’t wuss out after a 5k.

More of the normal Monday stuff soon if life doesn’t continue with the too crazy (writing this while loading up stuff at work.  Yeah.  It sucks.).  Anyone else race this weekend?  Any one just do something super awesome non-race-y?  Think I look fierce there (ROAR!)?


Death By Fun


Too Much Fun for Regrets


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! How freaking cool 🙂

  2. Tonja

    You are looking AWESOME!

  3. This made my whole weekend! Seriosly. I’m just sitting here with a big ol’ grin on my face. NOTHING beats that feeling:) Way to go, girl!!

  4. MizFit


  5. Love love love the photos. Congrats, my dear! (and get new shoes! that has GOT to help with the heel)

  6. Awesome job!! Congratulations!

  7. Love the picture!!!

  8. Thanks all! That felt really, really, really, really good. 😉 ROAR!

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