Hallo internets.  If you follow me on various social medias (@adjusted_reality on insta or @quixotique on the twitters) this is no surprise but I just flew back from Bonaire two days ago (and boy are my arms tired).

I’m getting back to reality (at least my adjusted version of it), work, and training this week.  Usually I’m ready for it when vacation is over.  However, this one was so epic, so wonderful, so soul soothing, I really and truly didn’t want it to end.

I’ll go into more detail later, because that’s what I do, and I still have to process and edit about a thousand diving shots, but for now, know that Bonaire is awesome and I’m already plotting ways to get back as soon as humanly possible.

Great food.


Great diving.


Great adventures.


But, as I said, work calls.  Running calls.  Life calls.  So… no vacation recap just yet.

I’ll leave you with one underwater thought though…one of my new goals in life is to take pictures so beautiful, so compelling, that it makes more people want to become scuba divers.  I’m nowhere near skilled enough yet, but it’s a hobby I get to work on for the rest of my life.

If you’ve ever had an inkling that you’d be interested in scuba diving, if you’ve liked swimming in the ocean or snorkeling or heck, even just love aquariums, go take a scuba class.  It is absolutely intimidating and scary and they’ll tell you twenty different ways you can be dumb and die in class, but you’ll get over it and the upshot is that YOU GET TO GO BREATHE UNDERWATER.

You get to see turtles feed.  You get to expore underwater wrecks.  You get to have a school of 100 blue tangs swim directly at you.  You get to have a barracuda friend follow you around (who is a little scary at first, but then it’s obvious he wants friends, not food).  You get to play peek-a-boo with eels.

It is SO worth it, y’all.

And that’s why I spent 15 hours last week blowing bubbles underwater – not to mention the 15+ hours doing stuff like hauling tanks, setting up gear, and falling off the side of boats and tiptoeing over rocky coasts to get IN and OUT of the water.  That’s why I am chafed on my fingers and toes and knee and back and fracking everywhere and still have a smile on my face.  That’s why I finished each day of vacation flattened, but in the best way, and I can’t wait to do it again.