After bolting from my desk at exactly 5:30, throwing on my workout clothes, getting a 3 mile run and some ab work done, and navigating the light traffic home, I started my weekend, the first full weekend in 6 weeks, I believe. To what I’m sure is the first of many “TMI” moments, I had some wicked cramps earlier, and was prepared to just melt into the couch and take painkillers. However, the exercise actually helped this time instead of hurt me, so we poured some drinks instead.

It had just rained hard that afternoon so it was cloudy and cool, which is actually perfect, because the Texas heat normally has it close to or over 100 degrees at that time. We were able to watch the sunset from our patio, which was gorgeous because of those clouds – pinks and blues and oranges as far as the eye can see. If I was thinking I would have grabbed my camera, but I don’t think I wanted to miss any part of it. It was a lot like this. Then, just the colors had burst into life, they faded away into twilight.

Then, Zliten decided he wanted to smoke chicken breasts – which would mean super late dinner but we decided it was worth it. All of a sudden, it was an event, not just a ordinary night (breaking out the smoker automatically equals special occasion!). Then we had to kill some time, waiting the 2 hours before it was done (30 mins, flip, 30 mins, adjust, 30 mins flip again, then 30 mins wait…). I spent some time twirling around for the camera.

Perhaps I should have not twirled sideways, but, you know how it goes, I do what I want!

Then, finally around 10:45 dinner was served. It was totally worth the wait. The chicken was orgasmic, pure and simple. We ate it with BBQ sauce although it really didn’t need it. We had thrown some small potatoes on the grill with the chicken in foil, and the knife cut through them like butter, they were so tender, and had great flavor. A little pepper, pinch of blue cheese, and some margarine and it was sublime. It was rounded out by a caesar salad with my favorite dressing, romaine, black olives, asiago cheese, and pepper. For those who are counting – about a 450 calorie dinner. Again, I wish I had a picture, but we were so hungry, there just wasn’t time.

After eating we just couldn’t continue the reveling, dinner made our bellies smile so much we had to have some couch time, which led to Stargates, which led to sleepytime just after midnight. Since I’m usually the one that tuckers out early, I had to make it known that I was not the one who decided it was bedtime early!

This, my dear blog-peoples, is why I end up being a homebody a lot – we just have so much fun. Lesson learned though – make better use of the camera during blogworthy nights!