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5 Random Things

I’m still not feeling super 100% back to normal, so a random thoughts update it is today!

1.  We booked, put a down payment, and reserved our wedding and reception!  Zliten did the footwork for us, which was so super nice.  I know it wasn’t the easiest thing for him to do and he rocks for it.  Doing Vegas was such a great idea, you come up with an idea, and they run with it.  For very little effort and extra money, everything is going to be island themed and decorated just like we want.  I’m really excited to go in April to check it out.   Now, the rest of the fun stuff like invitations, dresses, hawaiian shirts, reception gifts, etc.  Anyone ever go to a wedding with a really cool gift?

2.  The good news – I have still lost weight this week even with my lack of exercise and overindulgence last week.  I’m now down to, as of this morning, 153.4 which is .4 lbs away from February’s goal.  I don’t expect to keep ALL of it off, but I wouldn’t complain if I did.  This is also 3.4 lbs away from 150, which is my second long term goal.  From the time I hit 149, I will continually monitor how I feel and look, and will give myself permission at any time to stop and decide to maintain my weight.  It’s so close!

3.  The bad news – I haven’t been on a run since Saturday, and don’t anticipate being able to do much until next week with my funk.  Next weekend, I run my 5k.  Now, I’m not too worried since I regularly run almost twice the distance, so I know I have it in me, but it’s still a little disconcerting.  I am glad that I signed up before I got sick, because I dunno if I would have signed up now.  At least since it’s my first one, the biggest goal is just to finish a race and get a time to improve upon.

4.  Work has been a very busy week of thousands of menial tasks to do.  I am such a sick puppy that I LOVE this.  If it was my job all the time I would hate it but as something to do occasionally, I really enjoy the brainless, zen aspect of it.  Since it’s not technically part of what I do, I actually seek these opportunities out.  It does make me miss designing, though I’m glad that my particular job affords me the ability to do as much of it as I actually get to do while still being able to be a producer.

5.  I just had Zliten tell me I should retire the pants I’m wearing today.  I indeed noticed they have saggy ass today.  As refrence – I’m wearing the same outfit I wore on Christmas Eve.  It’s amazing how much difference 10 lbs makes when it’s 1/15th of your weight instead of 1/26th!  Pants don’t last as long though… at least this is my second pair of  pinstripe pants so I’m ok with seeing them go.


Sick, Sick, Sick


What If I Were To Give Up Now?


  1. Congrats on getting those wedding details settled—and well done, Zliten! That’s major :).

    You are totally rocking the weight loss thing this month—time to go shopping?!

  2. Divinari

    So fabulous that you’ve got the bulk of the wedding crap done (well, the logistical side, at least). And let me say I am SO envious that you’re getting married all skinny-ified. 😉 I keep thinking that I’m gonna make Nic do a renewal of vows thing when I get all svelte. 😀

    I’ve never gone to a wedding where I got gifts. Speaking of gifts, though, tell me where you’re registered so I can start lookin’. 😉

    I asked Zliten about clothing choices for the weddinging and he said something about it being Hawaiian themed. Whatchoo want me to wear, chica? Any off-limits colors? Like when I got married, I told everyone not to wear red, ’cause that’s what I was wearing. It almost worked. 😉 I suggested to Zliten that you could put something like “Island Chic” on the invites, as the dress code. 😉 I mean, I can rock a sarong and a tank top, or I can make a Hawaiian shirt patterned corset cover… jus’ lemme know! (and yes, I am getting excited about this, ’cause, well, I think it’s fun. 😀 )

    Yay another new low! I will concur that it’s probably lack of water, and you may gain it back. But still, it’s awfully shiny to see those kinda numbers on the scale.

    Re the 5k run – since you’ve been feeling so poopy, don’t push yourself too much in the race. I mean, even if you can’t finish, or have to walk it, just do what your body says is okay. There will always be more races. 🙂

  3. Wedding stuff: I love Island Chic, that’s a good way to put it. I’m going to wait on really picking out the dress stuff until a bit later in the process, so I have no idea there, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be multicolored, so no worries there. Haven’t registered yet – I think the next steps are picking out initiations and save the date stuff, collecting everyone’s addresses, and actually visiting the place to make sure it’s kosher before sending anything out.

    Run Stuff: I have another week and a half to recover, and if I don’t run at my fastest, so be it. I can run the distance in my sleep, and if I rest up and don’t push myself too much before, I can probably push a little that day :).

    Weight: I decided I’m ignoring the 153 weight, it’s just silly. I’ll be at it again soon enough.

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