Adjusted Reality

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Ping Pong

A few of my collective thoughts ping ponging around my head about the week…

-1 grain per day isn’t so hard.  I CAN’T BELIEVE THESE WORDS ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH but I’ve been getting down with the salads at lunch and am loving it.  There are just so many ways to top lettuce!  I’m going to work on trying a new one per week.  Then there are stir fries, and chilis and soups and stews… The only way I’ve succeeded in changing my diet is to expand on healthy things I like instead of trying to stuff crap down my throat I hate, so I’ll be workin’ the crockpot and the leafy greens for a while and dipping my toe into other waters gingerly.

-Seriously, my issue is cutting down corn (getting better) potatoes (love them, but for some reason I stopped having them often, so I’ve just not resumed eating them much), and the new one… carrots.  Oh how I love to stress eat carrots but I’ve transferred over to snow peas (fully on the approved list) instead.  I wish I wasn’t so lazy, because I could totally dig the broccoli and celery and hummus, but since they don’t come pre-cut, I am slacktastic about doing it myself.

-I had upped my dairy like huge big crazy, and bringing it back down has been hard.  I love me some cheeeeeese.  That was one thing that made me ok giving up grain-y things.  Glad I’m doing this in stages… also glad my nutritionist understands me.  In discussing the upcoming vacations I have planned, “your only beverage calories should be alcohol”.  A chiropractor that prescribes booze and a nutritionist who sanctions drinking.  I’m glad I’m surrounded by people who get me. 🙂

-Some days it’s the best option to hit the snooze.  I had an 11 mile run w/fast 5k on the docket Tuesday morning.  Schedules got shifted around and I ended up doing a 30 mile bike on Sunday, 40 mins hills + 1 mile tempo run + got my butt kicked with a new dude teaching crunchtime (seriously, I think my abs are still sore).  I went to bed exhausted and in pain, even woke up during the night to take pain killers and at that time, decided to downgrade the run to a 4-5 mile hill session and set my alarm a little later. When the alarm went, I was a ball of sore, cranky, tired, and ucky.  I hit that snooze with no remorse.

After work that day, I hit the gym and did a speedy 4.25 mile hill/sprint session on the treadmill and enjoyed the crap out of the hot tub. I still felt a little lag-assy the next day, but a nice recovery swim and arm session gave my legs the rest they needed to knock out the 11 miler on Thursday.  With all the body stuff this week + blisters + some tummy issues (oh, hey, it’s my blog – I call them tummy issues on FB and DM to be nice… here I can acknowledge they are the poops)+the usual hotness it was slooooooow (11:27 pace) but I still was able to pick it up a bit at the end (about 10:30 pace avg).

-Zliten now calls sleeping building muscle.  He found an article and it said that rest is important to building muscles, and though I had to remind him that the working out part was important too, it’s nice to see him really concerned about his muscles (heh…)

-176 on the scale this week.  175 the next day, but it was after my long run so I don’t think it counts.  Low grain seems to be doing it.  Let’s see if this happy trend continues.

-I got my test results back and all is normal.  No thyroid issues, no health issues of any kind.  So yay, it’s all about figuring out my diet.  The only things that were slightly outside normal were: hemoglobin, hematocrit, and BUN to creatine levels.  Apparently having high hemoglobin/hematocrit were indicative of DOPING in athletes (so perhaps I have a natural high!), and mean I am the opposite of iron deficient so yay!  High BUN to Creatine levels can be found in body builders or other people who ingest a lot of protein (YUP – upped my protein a LOT with these diet changes) or people who are dehydrated (didn’t have much water that morning) so I am not going to be worried about it.

-Weekends are never long enough.  Even this 3 day one just flew.  I love my job but I need some more chill time!  September is going to be cuh-razy!!  Beach trip next weekend (long weekend), Six Flags later in the month, lots of people in town the weekend in between, a concert, tubing trip, birthdays, deadline at work early in October so probably long hours at work, and OH YEAH, I happen to be training more hours than I ever have because I am doing two completely different races with two different sets of training within 8 days of each other.  October doesn’t really let up either… is it time for Jamaica yet?

-Thinking about joining up with a running club this fall.  Some are very, very costly, and while it would be nice to have specialized coaching and all that, I’m mostly looking to try out not being such a loner while running.  I *love* my long runs to myself, but I also feel like running WITH other people would help me push my paces more.  Plus, this weekend, when Zliten and I ran together, it was really nice.  We just run different speeds and it only works once in a while – this way we’d have other people around to match both our paces.  Some places were almost 200 bucks per month EACH, this is 40 bucks per YEAR.  I may give it a go.

-Our dishwasher crapped out on us this week so we had to go get another one.  Zliten spent the time taking the old one out, and then the dishwasher came home and… it was missing one 50 cent piece.  ARGH.  We were already late for a bbq, so we put it off one day (and put it off until late in the day).  The kitchen is gross, but the first load of dishes is now going in our spiffy new dishwasher.  Next on the list – the stove.  It takes about 2 hours to fully preheat to 450. 😛

-Texas is on fire. 🙁  We’re fine and not near the affected area but know quite a few people who are either ready and waiting to evac or already have.  Hope everyone is ok out there and stays safe.

I think that’s about it.  Here’s the workouts for last week and this week and I’ll sign off until next time…

Last Week…
Monday: 40 mins hills level 8 (12.2 miles), 1 mile tempo run (9:25), crunchtime class
Tuesday: 4.25 miles hill/sprints on treadmill
Wednesday: 1500 yd swim + weights
Thursday: 11 mile run w/fast 5k at the end (2:06)
Friday: off
Saturday: 1000m open water @ Lake Pflugerville, 5k easy run
Sunday: off

This Week…
Monday: off
Tuesday: swim + weights
Wednesday: 4-5 mile tempo run
Thursday: 10-15 mile fast bike + weights
Friday: 12 mile w/fast 5k at the end
Saturday: off (beach – maybe some walking/swimming)
Sunday: off (beach – maybe some walking/swimming)

Three short days of work and then did I mention the beach?  So excited!!!  What are you excited for this week?


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  1. MizFit

    Ive thought so much about t his lately too:

    I’m mostly looking to try out not being such a loner while running.

    I need one at 8am that comes to my home to git me.
    is that too much to ask? 🙂


  2. yay for no thyroid issues! But can I tell you how exhausted am I after reading all your September plans? Surely I need to go lay down. You know, so I can build some more muskles. As for dishwasher. Mine are the human kid. They’re called “two teenagers”… wait. how long to preheat your oven? Daaaang, woman!!!!

  3. I love running by myself, too, but have found that long group runs really kinda rock. I’ve been hooking up with friends (new and old) for weekend long runs and it has been great. And it is free.

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