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“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.” – Mark Twain

Too Much, Too Much…


We had an extended weekend at the beach, and to be honest, I simply can’t express how soul soothing it was to spend a lot of time having this view from our balcony… and playing in it as much as possible…

Spending an evening watch these…

…(yes those are belt sanders) Race down this…

…while we drank adult beverages until this came up…

I may be a little worse for wear this week because I got less sleep all weekend than I did on Sunday night.  However, I’d been a little down for a while because we haven’t had any weekend trips or vacations at all for that matter in almost 6 months.  I get the ITCH if we don’t get to go anywhere.

I didn’t have high hopes for the weekend because I was told the beaches weren’t that nice (not true at all).  We decided ahead of time to cook our own food and one of my favorite parts of vacation is new and cool food and restaurants (but it was actually nice because I stayed about 80% on my plan).  It seemed like it was going to be a normal weekend, simply with a view.

It was way better than that.  Just getting away from the norm is great.  There was no “oh, I should clean this” or “hey, I should spend the afternoon researching this”.  I ate, slept, played in the ocean, read, and drank.  It was lovely, and my brain feels happy this week even if I’ve been slacking on the morning workouts and shifting my day a *little* later.  If I knew how great of a beach vacation we had 4 hours away, I can guarantee we’d have been here already.  And that we will also be back soon.

…Stuff to Do

It’s overload time here at the Quix household.  September is notoriously busy and this week is the peak of it (I hope).  Here is what’s in the hopper for the week… I’m going to totally have to channel Thor-merica like I do here to conquer it.

Being out of town this weekend, I have no groceries, not done laundry, and the house is a flippin’ disaster.

Monday, I slept in to make up for the severe lack of sleep this weekend, worked, and then hit up the gym after work (30 min bike, 20 min run, 30 mins crunchtime), we had dinner out, then got groceries, then came home and made lunch, and then around 11pm fell face first into bed.  Believe it or not, I ate Panda Express and Buffalo Wild Wings and stuck to my food plan the entire time.  I even realized I hadn’t had grains all day and had a piece of bran/flax bread.

Today I slept in again to keep with the recuperation from crazy weekend (also didn’t get to bed until late), work is 80% meetings (luckily, fun engaging ones), another bike and a swim after work, make a quick dinner, and then cleaning up.  Not much fun time tonight either.

Wednesday I have a weights sesh planned, then to be into work early, then after lunch it’s a fun day w/bowling and karaoke and drinks and food (so I imagine that motivation will not be at an all time high after getting home after being up at the crack of dawn and doing all that).  Then, probably more cleaning time.

Thursday is biking in the morning, another meeting heavy day, and then game night at a friend’s house.

Friday I had a 13 miler scheduled.  So, that would mean in bed at midnight or later, and up at 6, to work at 10, leave again in less than an hour, sign mortgage refi papers, work the rest of the day, come home.  I’m just not down with that, especially after the week of crazy.  So long run, consider yourself rescheduled.  I’ll fit in some sort of *something* eaither super early or after work (depending on what we decide to do Saturday), probably speedwork or a swim.

Saturday morning we’re going to hit up Lake Pflugerville again and do one more open water swim, and potentially bike and/or run.  Then, up to the ‘rents house to celebrate Mom’s birthday, and then finally we can… ahhh… relax.

I think by that time, I will collapse into a puddle, yo.  The saving grace is I took off Monday and Tuesday as mental health days with no specific reason, so my big plans are – Monday, 13 miles rescheduled.  Tuesday, morning outdoor fast bike ride.  The rest of both days will be dedicated to sitting on my couch and trying to plow through A Game of Thrones from start to finish.  My house will be clean, I don’t have anything on the to do list, just 3 R’s – reading, riding, and running.  Sounds like bliss to me.  I just have to get there without a breakdown first.

Gotta relax though – for right now Wed/Thurs/Fri seems to be mellow (but it’s over a week away so SOMETHING will come up…) but that means resting up for another long run Saturday, and Six Flags on Sunday… oy.

Stats for the week:

Workouts Last Week…
Monday: off
Tuesday: 1600 yd swim, weights
Wednesday: 4.25 mile outside run, 41 mins (9:25 pace)
Thursday: 30 mins biking hills, 9.30 miles (18.6 mph)
Friday: 12 miles in 2:10 (10:50 pace)
Saturday: 2 1/2 hours of playing chase the fishies in the ocean… if only all open water swims could be this awesome…
Sunday: off

Workouts This Week…
Monday: 30 min bike/20 min run brick, crunchtime
Tuesday: high cadence bike workout (opposite of hills, basically training the fast flats), swim
Wednesday: weights before work (home)
Thursday: 10-15 mile fast ride outside (check out straight path by train tracks)
Friday: something… (TBD)
Saturday: Lake Pf – open water swim, and bike and run (or both)

So lots of TBD.  I’m ok with that.  Next week will be a little brutal with a long run on Monday and on Fri or Sat, but I just think it’s better juju to get through this week and work on speed rather than distance.

Weight was back to 178 last week, but it’s about that TOM so it wasn’t a huge surprise.  I’ll give it another week or 2 before I’m worried.

Vacation eating wasn’t too bad.  I stayed on my plan minus: 3 donut holes, 1 small carrot cake cupcake, some chips, and a little extra rice (coupled with also a tortilla so it took me over my 1 grain per day).  Good thing my plan included lots of alcohol. 🙂

How busy is your week?  Wanna trade? 🙂


Ping Pong


Busy Bee


  1. MizFit

    Just seeing it relaxed me.

  2. It is my dream to have my own beach house. I love the beach – thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. MizFit

    so whats on tap for this weekend??

  4. @Diane – we’re actually considering a condo time share there. Gonna go a few more times and check it out. 🙂

    @Miz – skydiving!!!! no actually, one last open water swim and run, spending Saturday afternoon with my parents for my Mom’s birthday, then just relaxing and hanging out with friends who are here from out of town.

  5. zliten

    does your imagination take us to the next place

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