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Week 5: No Time, No Time, No Time

I’m really glad I got my Sunday do-nothing day last week as this week launched into a new level of crazy.

Something blew up at work and I was there from 9am – 3am and then back in at 10am for a short day (left at 4pm).  I ducked out Monday evening to get in my weights, but I didn’t feel like I could be gone long enough to swim too, so I missed a swim Monday night and a trainer session Tuesday morning because, well, precious sleep.

I was on about 5 hours of sleep Tuesday, and thought of a billion different reasons why I shouldn’t go on my lunch run (tired, stressed, grumpy) and realized those were all reasons I NEEDED to go, and after some time in the warm sunshine, I felt amazing.  I was even able to make up my trainer ride that evening before I took a long long nap and slept 8 hours shortly after that.  I just had to bag the swim, which sucked but I think I’ve made peace with it.

The rest of the week went as planned, but was still very busy for various reasons.  We’re kinda hooked on Downton Abbey now, and we sat and watched a whole episode because we needed a damn moment to relax, but then we stayed up too late getting things done.  Relaxing for a 40 minute show was too much. 😛  That’s how life has been lately.

Later in the week, after Zliten was cleared for Scuba by his doc (because of his history with athsma, he needed a note), we signed up for classes this week.  Some couples do candy and flowers and fancy dinners, we learn how to dive…. romantical scuba!  I love it.  However, when they said there was a little homework to do before the class, we didn’t realize that meant a 300 page textbook, 5 quizzes, and 3 hours of DVDs.

Saturday was a slammed day as well – 8am wakeup to get a run in at Lake Pflugerville, bagged the bike since it was too windy and cold and gross, met my parents for lunch, played cards, swam laps in their pool, left, stuffed a veggie sandwich in my face, came home and trainered for not nearly as long as we wanted to and jumped off and changed straight away to try to not be too late to our friends’ house for games.  12 hours of gogogogogogo.

While Sunday was packed with studying, it’s sort of a relief to sit and focus on one thing (although there were short breaks to clean… and laundry… and internet… and nap…. ) and not leave the house.

Next week will be hectic too, but we do have a 3 day weekend at least to pack all the weekend stuff in, so we might actually get to relax a little.  Please? Maybe?


I may possibly have gone off the deep end with all the other crap going on if things weren’t going well in this area, but this week in training has actually been… pretty awesome!

Running: The magic is starting to happen with the zone 1/2 running.  It’s getting easier to stay in my zone and actually run instead of just sort of prancing and limping along.  I clocked two runs this week under 12 min/mile pace averages while staying around 150.  One of them even was a 10k run, which is the longest I’ve ran by far since the marathon, and it just felt fucking fantastic and I wanted to keep going.  Also, the shoes are working their magic.  My heel is not 100% better, but it’s been improving, and running doesn’t seem to really aggravate it, so I’m calling it a win.

I feel like I can actually show my runner card without feeling like a chump this week, finally.  I may not be anywhere close to where I was before, but the improving is certainly making me feel like I might actually be able to do something decent by the time I have to rock out with my tri suit on.  Running is making me happy again, which is comforting.

Biking: I’ve upped my resistances and my speeds are settling back down to what looks reasonable for me.  I’m going to continue doing my monthly test on the easy resistance just to gauge progress, but I need some more quad busting in my life.  Also, one leg drills are evil and hard, which means they are going to make me awesome come tri season.  Bummed we didn’t get a chance to ride outside this week, but hoping for next week.

Swimming: The fact that I missed one swim sucks, but Saturday’s swim made up for it.  Wednesday I swam ok – my (now) normal 1200m in 30, but I did spend some time helping Zliten with his stroke, so if I would have been focused I could have done some more, but it was totally worth it.  Saturday, we swam in a real 25m pool at my parents’ gym.  I started  with 250m (10 lengths) of fin drills and HOLY CRAP those really help you feel out the position you should be kicking in.  I took those off and did 52 more lengths (1300m) feeling faster and more efficent than I ever have.  I was digging my new music too.  I finished 1550m in 32 minutes, which is essentially magic gobbledy gook for me.  I’m going to be incorporating more fin drills because, well, damn.  I suppose I can give a little credit to the fact that I had a cup of decaf coffee and I was bouncy but… yeah… magic swim.

Weights: Lifting less reps heavier is just plain FUN!  For someone who really likes seeing numbers and progress, it was sure fun to pile 155 lbs on the squat bar, and 250 lbs on the leg press, 70 lbs on the pulldowns, and 90 on the row.  On the machines, I’m about halfway into the stacks, which is nice rather than being close to the top.  This week and next week transitions to the real heavy lifting, and I’m a little scared of some of the loads they want me to work towards, but I’ll give it a go to get there, but at least I have one more week before I think about that.

Overall, I feel finally like my body is getting back into shape and feel a little more like an athlete than someone who badly plays one on TV.

Next week will be a challenge to get in our training and do the dive classes and volunteer and cheer at the Austin Marathon, but we’ll get it done.

By the day:

Monday: Weights: 3×12… 250 lb leg press, 90 lb row, 120 lb calf raises, 70 lb pulldown. 3×25 situps w/twist w/10 lb plate. Swim: bagged due to a 17 hour workday.
Tuesday: Run: 3.1 miles, 37:45, HR not recorded (around 150 avg).  Bike: 15.53 in 45 mins (harder resistance setting). 3 miles w/u, 3×1 min one leg drills each side (lighter resistance) with a 1 mile rest interval concentrating on either pushing the downstroke, or pulling the upstroke, 2 miles, 5 mins heavy resistance, 5 mins cooldown.
Wednesday: Weights: 3×12… 155 lb squats (on smith machine), 90 lb rows, 70 lb pulldowns. 3×25… situps w/twist w/10 lb plate, hamstring curls w/55 lbs.  Swim: 1200m in 30 mins.  Helped Zliten with some drills and form.
Thursday: Bike: 9.5 miles in 30 mins…resistance up + 3×1 min 1 leg drills on each side + busted quads from squatting 155 lbs yesterday = slower (no HR data, but it was around 120 avg, 145 max).  Run: 3.1 miles in 36:15.  Never thought I’d be so happy to be running sub-12 minute miles. 152 AVG HR, 169 max
Friday: off!
Saturday: Run: 6.26 in 1:15, Avg HR 153, max 173.  Crazy good feeling.  Wanted to run forever. Swim: 1550m in 32 mins.  Magic swim was magic.  Bike: 15.04 in 45 mins, 136 HR avg/161 max.
Sunday: off


Planning and diet quality score really salvaged this week, because it could have gone to a bad, bad place.

I certainly could have justified some mad bad food after the work issues and probably been on a junk food spiral for a day or 2.  And then I could have forgotten to eat better, and then it would have been the weekend and I would have just started again on Monday.  However, having to keep accountable to that little count every bite of food really helped me.  Saturday involved cake and booze and poor planning and almost every moment not at home, but at least it wasn’t negative.

Monday: 30
Tuesday: 31
Wednesday: 30
Thursday: 18
Friday: 25
Saturday: 8
Sunday: 29

Average Diet Score: 24.4 – not as good as last week’s 27.4, but 24 is still a pretty awesome score.

The scale may not love me right now at a low weight of 185.0 and a high weight of 187.2 (it was also that time of the month), but my body fat went down another .7% and my muscle % went up too.  I am starting to see less wiggle too, so that’s good stuff.  I suppose slow and steady is the only way she goes.

No average calories.  I fell off this at the end of the week and am finding that a 28-31 day is generally about 1800-1900 calories, and I tend to eat the same things over and over, so it’s only really enlightening (read: depressing) when I have a day that’s abnormal due to social situations or whatnot.  I would imagine I’d be similar to last week.  This week, being mad crazypants, I’m going to just stick with the diet quality.  I’ll return to tracking calories soon (hold me to it), but diet score should stop me from tripping and falling onto pizza and cake.

Other Stuff:

This week was super game-y!  We played a board game with friends from work (I was TWO points off winning – curses!!!) on Thursday.  Then Saturday, we played cards with my parents as per usual, and then got some friends together later in the evening and we played Munchkin!  So incredibly fun.  Our game night resolution is working out well, it’s nice to gather for a reason other than just getting inebriated (booze was had, but it’s nice that it was not the focus).

Besides the crazy amount of studying before we didn’t expect, it was a lot of fun to learn.  Tomorrow, we do our first confined (pool) water dive.  I get about FOUR hours (30 min swim AM, 3h30m dive training) in the water tomorrow so I am a happy happy girl-fish.

It’s getting close-ish (within a few months) to the cruise, so I’m starting my planning for the ports.  Last time I made very rigid plans (run here, bike here, etc), this time, I’m trying to come up with a running route, bike rental shop, and how to get to the best beach for snorkeling in the cheapest and most efficient way, and noting anything else we should make sure to see or do for each port.  Then, try to play it by ear depending on what we feel like doing that day.  It’s not quite time to make a packing list, but I do love planning – it makes me more excited to go do!  Anyone have a “don’t miss” sight or activity for: Aruba, Bonaire, Grenada, Dominca, or St. Thomas?

Birthday season is coming up.  I’m not really sure what we’re going to do for Zliten’s and mine beyond eat lots of crab as per tradition, but for my good buddy D’s birthday we’re going camping!  Very much looking forward to it, the last trip was AWESOME!

That’s about it!  Question of the week: have you Scuba’d?  Would you want to?  What’s something you want to learn about?


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